We are brothers who grew up in Fresno, CA, attended California State University Fresno, and had similar interests in pursuing chiropractic. After extensive education in a variety of adjusting techniques, massage, and extremity work at Life West Chiropractic College, we obtained our degrees as Doctors of Chiropractic.

I, Dr. Alex Lee, traveled to South America to apply my knowledge and was able to gain insight into an array of conditions and symptoms that were presented before me. As brothers, we traveled through Asia to incorporate modern technology and techniques with those that are traditional, such as nerve tracing. I, Dr. John Lee, obtained a second degree in exercise and learned about exact body mechanics. We both have had the opportunity to treat different people and it has shown us that every person responds to chiropractic differently.

We are excited about opening an office together. With the knowledge from school, experience from worldly travel, and incorporation of other sciences, we together can treat the body as a whole. We hope to share our knowledge and experience, and treat our patients like family. It is our goal to provide the best care for your personal needs. Hope to see you soon!